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Commissions Closing (Last Day!!!)

Thu Jun 14, 2012, 2:54 AM

Today's the last day for commissions! They will be closing for the indefinite future, so if you haven't sent your note yet, do so now!

Note: If I sent you a note regarding a commission and you haven't replied back, please do so soon!

Luxrender-Style Commissions
One Character w/ simple background: $30
Additional Character: $25
Previously done characters: $25

Will allow for both adult and non-adult situations. Follows the same rules at the bottom.

Lux-Style Commission: Minotaur Princess Excellia by Supro3D Lux-Style Commission: Aginia by Supro3D

Mature Content

Lux-Style Commission: April Exposed by Supro3D

Non-Luxrender Style Commissions
One Character w/ simple background: $15
Additional Character (up to 5 total): $10 per additional character
Topless Variant: $5 Per character

Hentai (full nudity/sex):
One character: $20
Additional Character (up to 3 total): $15 per additional character
Additional Items

Commission: Jean A. Sater by Supro3D

Mature Content

Commission: Cindy and Patrick by Supro3D

Mature Content

Commission: Krypter's Girls by Supro3D

Props (chairs, wings, tails, etc): Price varies
Penis/Tentacle: 1st one free per character; $1 each thereafter
Post-Work Render: Free

-What I'll do: Dickgirls, Tentacles, Light BDSM, Lesbian, Breast Expansion, Pregnant
-What I won't do: Furry, Scat, Male on Male, Extreme BDSM, Guro, Loli (might be age-ified)
-Female characters preferred.
-I do have the right to refuse a commission.
-Payment must be made in advance through Paypal.

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